“I sustained a torn ACL while training indoors in September of 2021. My knee was surgically repaired by Dr. Rob LaPrade and my return to snow window was set at 9 months. I began using the MPT Soft Tissue Tool right around the eighth week of my surgical recovery. I primarily used it to break through scar tissue and treat sore muscles when my physio wasn’t around. It provided relief and the design allowed for easy and comfortable self-use. Unlike traditional “scraping tools”, the MPT allowed for smooth treatments without the typical grinding sensation. Its design and shape also meant I only needed to carry one around with me versus having to haul a box of them in order to reach every corner and area. I’m currently a little over six months post op and still use the MPT Soft Tissue Tool as a rehabilitation tool whenever my knee(s) and muscles get pissed at me after heavy lifts. I would recommend this tool to any individual and athlete that is recovering from a surgical procedure, and for those who experience intense soreness in their ligaments and muscles”. AJ Ginnis, seven-year member of the US Ski Team and current FIS World Cup Alpine athlete

“The MPT Soft Tissue Tool traveled in my duffel bag this whole winter, providing me the tool to loosen up my IT Bands, shins and calves after taxing cross country ski races on the World Cup. I have struggled with ITB Syndrome for the three years now and having the flexibility to loosen up my tissue at any time on the road has been super helpful for faster recovery”. Julia Kern 2022 OLYMPIAN / U.S. Ski Team

“I used Dr. Mckiernan’s tool on an elite rower who was having symptoms in her forearms and fingers. After just one treatment she felt immediately better and had less pain during her next rowing session. As a clinician, I like that the tool is lightweight and easy to maneuver on the affected area”. Anne Hinley, MS, LAT, ATC.

“After sustaining a partial TFCC tear from performing chiropractic adjustments, I had to modify certain techniques in order to avoid flare ups. Dr. McKiernan’s soft tissue tool helped me get the range of motion back in my wrist, and allowed me to perform certain adjustments again without guarding and worrying about pain. Now, I use this tool with my patients, and the response has been great! The versatile form factor helps eliminate any fatigue in my intrinsic hand muscles, and the uniform edge is better for longer treatments. I have used it on several joints and muscles including the elbow, wrist, spine, knee, shoulder and ankle. This tool is a must-have to any IASTM provider”! Alan Amendola., DC

“My name is James and I am a cancer survivor. Following surgery I was left with scaring which formed at the surgical site located on my neck. Before working with Dr. Ed Mckiernan, I was suffering from scar tissue complications which lead to impaired neck mobility along with significant neck pain. After a few sessions of Dr. Mckiernan treating my scar tissue with his tool, the mobility has increased and the pain has decreased exponentially. I am extremely grateful for having been placed in his care. I look forward to his continued treatment in managing my recovery. Forever Grateful!” James F Topolski / JIMMYTHEVOICE.

“I have been working as an Occupational Therapist for over ten years. I have used IASTM as part of treatment protocol as long as I have been practicing. I have found the MPT Soft Tissue Tool to be a superior Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Tool. I have had success using this tool treating such conditions as hand/wrist strains, trigger finger, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, and lateral epicondylitis. I highly recommend the MPT Soft Tissue Tool as an effective treatment for soft tissue injury”. Tracy P., O.T.

“Specializing in sports medicine, my area of expertise is in orthopedics. I treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions both non surgical and post operatively. Soft tissue restriction is a common occurrence following joint injury and surgery. I have used the MPT Soft Tissue Tool to successfully treat such conditions as ACL tear and repair, ankle sprains, achilles tendon tear and shoulder impingement. I have found this tool to be very effective in breaking down excess scar tissue build up and tissue adhesion development. This is truly a one tool treats all body areas, without the need of purchasing multiple tools and expensive kits. This is a great tool and I’m so glad I came across it”! Kevin C., DPT

“As a Dental Hygienist, we have treated many patients with Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction. In conjunction with other treatment methods, using the MPT Soft Tissue Tool at our practice has proven to provide great results in reducing tissue adhesion, resulting in reduced pain and the attainment of normal TMJ alignment for man of our patients”. Heidi B.

“I spend a lot of time doing artwork which also requires me to be on the computer. Because of long hours working on my artwork, I had developed significant neck pain, enough so that I thought that I might need surgery. After four visits with Ed Mckiernan applying the MPT Soft Tissue Tool, the pain and stiffness dissipated to the point that I am now back to doing my artwork. The combination of the tool application along with incorporating the postural and spinal range of motion exercises given to me, has allowed me to return to my hobbies. It was such a surprise to experience a total relief of symptoms in such a short period of time”. Geoffrey Coffin

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