Out Patient Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

For the past twenty years Dr. McKiernan has specialized in the development of rehabilitation and wellness programs including site development, real estate acquisition, equipment procurement,
insurance contracting, credentialing, staffing, management, billing and administrative over site. Dr. McKiernan collaborates with established medical practices to integrate physical therapy into the existing medical practice business model.  Dr. McKiernan has also successfully integrated physical therapy as an integral component of an ACO (Accountable Care Organization), one of the first ACO’s to gain accreditation which included internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, obstetrician-gynecology, pediatric, and podiatry medical specialists.


Concierge Physical Therapy Service

Physical therapy services tailored specifically for the individual needs of our clients.  A rehabilitation service being delivered at your door step offering personalized care with convenience and availability being the top priority.  This unique method of providing physical therapy service is predicated specifically on our client’s individual needs.  A client receiving concierge physical therapy care will be afforded the opportunity of having a direct, one to one relationship with the treating therapist.  The providing therapist will thoroughly examine the health record and medical history and formulate a treatment plan by collaborating directly with the client’s current medial physicians and health care providers.


Personal Training

With a background and degrees in Cardiovascular Health and Fitness and Physical Therapy, Dr McKiernan is well versed in developing individualized exercise and wellness programs to match the unique characteristics and needs of each client.  Numerous client factors are taken into account including life style, activity level, age, and health status.  Based on a client’s personal goals, Dr Mckiernan will formulate a program that paves the way toward accomplishing those goals.  Whether the client has a fully equipped exercise room, no equipment at all, or lies somewhere inbetween, a specific, client centered program will be designed to meet those needs.  If not sure of what type of exercise equipment to order or are in need of designing an exercise room, Dr Mckiernan will work with you in developing a plan that is right for you.



Provider of Exercise Equipment and Tools

Dr. McKiernan has designed several soft tissue mobilization tools used to mobilize and break down adhesion and scar tissue.  The development of scar tissue and adhesion are common occurrences and presents as a bi-product of musculo-skeletal joint injury, surgery, and/or degenerative joint conditions.  This technique is used to break down adhesion and scar tissue effecting muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia tissue.  This applied technique has been proven in the clinic to reduce pain, decrease tissue restriction, improve joint mobility and restore healthy, normal joint function.  The Soft Tissue Mobilization Technique is applied to most joints and regions including the neck, back, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist.  Dr. McKiernan also holds a degree in Cardiovascular Health and Fitness providing an excellent resource for recommending exercise equipment for the individual, medical practice or commercial setting.


 Nutrition / Supplement

Dr. McKiernan is a provider of nutraceutical supplements formulated to provide nutritional support for a broad range of physiological systems including the musculo-skeletal, gastro-intestinal, neurologic, endocrine and skin integumentary systems.  These nutraceutical supplements not only provide nutritional support but also, in collaboration with other therapies, are used to decrease symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions including degenerative joint disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and fibromyalgia.  In addition, there are nutraceutical supplements available to support the diabetic population.


Allied Health and Wellness Program

Dr. McKiernan is a founding member of a well established, multi-discipline, complimentary wellness program consisting of Physical Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Personal Training and Massage Therapy specialists.  This is a unique rehabilitation and wellness model emphasizing close collaboration among specialists with the goal of incorporating a multi-faceted approach to improving the overall health and wellness status of an individual. This multi-discipline approach addresses many conditions effecting multiple systems, one of which is the musculo-skeletal system whereby treatment is provided for arthritic joints, inflammation and joint pain.  The nutraceutical component targets joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, and G.I disturbances .  Nutritional Therapy stresses the importance of a well balanced diet emphasizing healthy food intake including quality and quantity.  Personal Training provides the health targeted exercise component with the goals of increasing flexibility, strength and endurance.  The program also offers massage and pressure point techniques devised to alleviate pain associated with tight muscles and myofascial/trigger point pain.


Office Site Ergonomic Evaluation and Program Implementation

Dr. McKiernan offers ergonomic based programs designed to enhance work station operation.  A site visit and evaluation is performed by a licensed practitioner and a program is formulated based on specific client needs.  The ergonomic assessment can be tailored to improve work environment conditions for the individual as well as improving department and factory floor production.  An ergonomic program is formulated based on characteristics unique to physical lay out and production needs.



Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Program

Dr. McKiernan has owned and operated a thriving Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Program for over ten years.  Dr. McKiernan and his team have extensive experience in developing individualized plans as well as commercial and practice based programs.  A customized program is devised to fit the client’s specific needs and financial budget.  Our services include physical site lay-out, pool and equipment brokerage and aquatic / wellness exercise program development.


 Medical Device Distribution

Through “Allied Medical Device” Dr. McKiernan provides a unique sales and distribution channel for medical devices used in the surgical and out-patient settings.  Allied Medical Device acts as a bridge between the medical device industry and the medical clinic providing a strong and knowledgeable “hands on presence” supporting medical practices and surgeons.

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