MPT Soft Tissue Tool ™

MPT Soft Tissue Tool and application is a treatment technique I’ve applied in my practice for the purpose of breaking down excess scar tissue build up and soft tissue adhesion that may develop from any type of joint and soft tissue injury or surgery.

MPT Lubrication Ointment






Rotator Cuff

My name is Ed McKiernan and for over twenty years, as a practicing physical therapist, have specialized in the treatment of soft tissue injury.  Common conditions include neck and low back strain, rotator cuff strain/tear, lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, hip I.T. band syndrome, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Both tissue adhesion and excess scar tissue build up are often associated with these and other conditions. Post surgical procedures can also result in tissue adhesion and excess scar tissue build up leading to pain, inflammation, restricted joint motion and muscle spasm and weakness.

Lumbar Spine

I designed the MPT Soft Tissue Tool to be used as an effective treatment device in restoring the healthy, functional properties of skin, fascia, muscle, tendon and ligament.   With the user in mind, The ergonomic design of the MPT Soft Tissue Tool reduces wrist, hand and finger stress and strain. The entire outer surface of the tool is used to treat soft tissue. The larger radius is used to treat larger surface areas including the lumbar and cervical spine, rotator cuff, I.T. band and hamstring. The smaller radius is used to treat smaller surface areas such as the wrist, foot and elbow. The upper and lower angles are used to reach even smaller surface areas such as the ankle, hand, fingers, TMJ, sacro-Illiac Joint and individual vertebral segments. The straight edge is effective in treating the para spinal region and the inner ridges are designed to treat the smaller joints of the hands and feet.

Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis

The MPT Soft Tissue Tool is designed to virtually treat any area of the body. The handles, which are the two open areas, allow for a comfortable grip while at the same time aligning the users hands and wrists in a stress free, neutral position.  The tool can also be held at any angle during application, depending on the desired surface and body area being treated.  This combination allows the user to utilize maximum treatment leverage providing for a very efficient treatment application.  The stainless steel material is light weight and is able to penetrate various tissue levels. 

Carpal Tunnel

The MPT Soft Tissue tool and application is highly effective in reducing muscle spasm, inflammation, and with that, joint pain.  Mechanical stimulation provided by the tool aides in reducing fluid build up in the joint and surrounding connective tissue.  When targeting muscle, the mechanical stimulation of the muscle fibers provided by the tool will lead to a decrease in muscle spasm and an overall increase in muscle relaxation.



Reduces Excess Scar Tissue Build Up and Adhesion Formation

Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation

Decreases Muscle Spasm and Tension

Plantar Fasciitis

The MPT Soft Tissue Tool and application is also very effective in treating skin following cosmetic surgery by decreasing healing time, stimulating proper collagen formation and thinning out scar tissue formation.  These same vascular and connective tissue benefits are achieved when treating the diabetic population with an enhancement in the delivery of oxygen and nutrient to the target area, healthy collagen formation and a decrease in healing time.



Improves Blood Circulation

Reduction In Healing Time

Restores Tissue Pliability




Illio Tibial Band

The MPT Soft Tissue Tool is used by numerous healthcare practitioners and specialists including, physical therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, dermatologists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and massage therapists.  The MPT Soft Tissue Tool is truly an all in one tool because it is designed to treat any joint or body region, thus preventing the need for purchasing multiple tools to treat multiple body parts.  Included with the tool are  instruction videos related to specific treatment areas and conditions.  Also available is a lubricating ointment with anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties which provides for a smooth tool-skin interface.

Treatment Concentrations:





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